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Hypex was founded in 1996 as a supplier of plate amplifiers for live sound loudspeakers. The products drew the attention of hi-fi speaker manufacturers, resulting first in a line of active subwoofer amplifier subassemblies, shortly followed by multichannel units with active cross-over filters for the studio market.

Hypex amplifiers are known to be among the best amplifiers in the business. The state of the art Class-D modules have a neutrality that leaves nothing to the imagination. Hypex amplifiers are divided by 2 main technologies: UcD (universal class D) and NCore. UcD is the entry level high-end amplifier, which is known for its reliability and ease of use. NCore is the most high-tech and neutral technology Class-D has to offer and is used in extreme High-End applications.

Migration to Class D

2003 saw the start of a complete migration to Class-D. For this purpose the newly invented ‘Universal Class D’ technology was selected. Realising the market potential, Hypex decided not only to use UcD® in end-user products, but also to offer it to the market as general-purpose amplifier modules. The UcD180/400/700 modules have quickly established themselves as the new standard, both in terms of measured and subjective performance.


A Strategic Move

In 2005, Hypex took the strategic decision to move from being a technology user to being a technology source and hired UcD’s inventor, Bruno Putzeys, to be its chief of R&D. Hypex now serves many big name audiophile brands which previously couldn’t find class D amplifiers meeting their stringent sound quality requirements. Standard products now span the range from 20W to 3kW and a line of switch-mode power supplies to match, along with dedicated 100V systems and DSP platforms for active loudspeaker control have been introduced.


What We Do

  • Class D amplifier design and manufacture
  • SMPS (switch mode power supply), design and manufacture
  • Creating DSP solutions
  • Extensive R&D regarding various high-end audio and DSP designs
  • Analogue circuit design
  • In house support for all professional and DIY customers.
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