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In CIARE laboratories, where high technology meets Italian-made quality, excellence, and sound quality guide our research and manufacturing.
Everything comes from intuition, from a precise idea of a sound which little by little takes shape. The product then comes to life through careful research, design, prototyping, validation, and production.
…and the famous CIARE purity of sound is created.



Ideas, intuitions and visions are developed thanks to thorough and precise feasibility studies. Whether existing products are being modified or new ones developed, listening and research always accompany the evolution or creation of a product.
CIARE’s attention to the market and assessment of customer requirements are what sets CIARE’s production system apart to the extent that it is absolutely unique and innovative. 



CIARE’s flexibility and thorough knowledge of the most innovative technologies guide the design of CIARE product components to ensure they are perfect in all respects, from the static to the dynamic components.


From the initial idea, the product starts to take shape. Maximum care is taken over the selection of raw materials and components, and it is this attention to detail which leads to the initial prototype, which is then accurately and thoroughly tested using sophisticated measuring techniques. Performance assessment and measurement allow the quality and efficiency to be determined straight away. Aside from the traditional measurements used to assess the performance of the loudspeaker, particular priority is placed on the power tests which simulate the behaviour of the product under the most extreme possible conditions of use.



Once the prototype has been tested and has been shown to attain the expected levels of quality, pilot production can begin; this is then validated through a technical assessment performed by all departments involved in product development. It is at this point that actual production begins, but this is still constantly and thoroughly monitored through the numerous test stations installed throughout the production line. CIARE thus creates the Golden Sample, the sample from which all the reference technical specifications and characteristics are taken.


The product is now ready to be put on sale. No less important than the other production stages, the sale is the moment when CIARE gets back into contact with its customers, offering them not just solutions that meet their needs, but interpreting them with the versatility which sets the company apart. It is here that users, enthusiasts, resellers and car manufacturers find not just support, but also the possibility to develop products alongside the company which are able to create that unique and unmistakeable sound perfection.

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