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Matched Monitors Monetize

Symphonic Acoustics will analyze your room and tune a monitoring solution, perfect to your unique environment.

Artists, commercial studio owners, content and podcast studios, universities, schools, and classrooms, producers and engineers, as well as high-end listening rooms can all stand out from the crowded space of competition and harness a custom listening and monitoring experience that is immersive.

Your new monitoring system will help you rise above the crowd with present and precise power, professional level monitoring, and optimal sound pressure levels, minimal distortion, all custom to your room and environment.

Beryllium Diaphragms

Beryllium Diaphragms




We use Beryllium to construct our custom Symphonic Acoustics diaphragms. Beryllium rings at a frequency 2.5X higher than traditional aluminum and titanium diaphragms. Beryllium’s strength, thermal conductivity, and low-absorption, empowers better high-frequency accuracy and definition.

Custom Drivers

We engineer accurate, precise, and powerful custom drivers. Our carefully matched drivers and subs provide engineered sonic elegance. The design and science behind Symphonic Acoustics are deeply rooted in the legendary legacy of George Augspurger and his sonic excellence, acoustic architecture approach, and recording studio designs.


Symphonic Acoustic’s subwoofers will amaze. They provide a pure and accurate low-end, in stereo, and without unwanted rumbles and distortion.  Our subwoofers can resolve to 20 Hz, still producing a discernible, tight, and well-defined low-end. Recording engineers will be able to hear the complete sonic spectrum.


Symphonic Acoustics has partnered with Lab.Gruppen, delivering the industry’s best in efficient and powerful Class TD® amplification, patented by Lab.Gruppen. Our recommended amplifiers provide an amplifier topology that approaches the exceptional efficiency of Class D while retaining the sonic purity of proven Class B designs.


Realizing the full potential of any Audio Electroacoustic System requires calibration and tuning. Our experienced audio engineers can provide optimal systems. Symphonic Acoustics leverages AVN | SYS’s, proprietary, CAL | TUNE process, that can maximize your environment and full capabilities of the design and implementation.


Our offerings do not stop at delivery. We thoroughly document our solutions and train your team. We check in often with our customers and make plans for upgrades, evolving discovered opportunities into secured growth. We covet our relationships with our customers and target a win-win for all, enhancing the lifetime value of our partnerships. We keep a close eye on the industry, continuing to learn and invent new solutions, that we bring back to our customers.

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